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2018 L.E.A.P. Silage Plot Data Now Available

What is L.E.A.P?

Legend Elite Advancement Project (L.E.A.P.) is our proprietary, in-house research program. It validates data on hybrid genetic performance over time and agronomic placement. Our L.E.A.P. plots are used for product evaluation, selection, and positioning on the right soil type and in theright geography to consistently deliver high value products to growers. Since 2014, we’ve conducted more than 78,168 replicated corn trials across 57 locations.

How does Legend Seeds help with my silage needs?

We know that dairy cows require the highest quality forage possible to meet your nutritional and production goals. That is why Legend Seeds is proud to offer a diverse portfolio of products and services that are important to livestock producers who value quality feedstuffs. As an independent, regional seed leader, we are focused on seed and supporting producers in their quest to maximize their return on investment from every crop they utilize for feed. Legend Seeds offers a robust portfolio of products with top-notch agronomics that focus on forage quality and consistency to achieve your specific production and profit goals.

Our extensive silage, alfalfa, and grain lineup includes cutting-edge technologies paired with the most advanced industry leading genetics available in the marketplace today. We also offer conventional, non-GMO, and organic options to meet every need and program. That is the Legend advantage at work for you.

Simply put, our livestock focused portfolio provides you with more options, trait packages and genetics to ensure maximum feed quality and profitability for your operation.


• Bloomer, WI only received .3 inch of rain from July 4th through Labor Day
• Pierre, SD was also very dry after pollination
• Grand Forks, ND got hailed out/beat back into the ground at the V3 stage

Location Rainfall GDU
Bloomer, WI LEAP Plot 19.8 2556
Colfax, ND LEAP Plot 15.3 2439
Early, IA LEAP Plot 23.6 2771
Galesville, WI LEAP Plot 16.5 2786
Geneva, MN LEAP Plot 24.7 2551
Grand Forks, ND LEAP Plot 18.2 2317
Hartington, NE LEAP Plot 30 2593
Pierre, SD LEAP Plot 13.4 2805
Lake Preston, SD LEAP Plot 17.4 2298


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• Access to world-class genetics and technologies to ensure great profit potential
• Locally proven products and extensive product research
• Variety and flexibility in our product portfolio
• Agronomic expertise focused on the value of great nutrition


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