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Nuseed Product Development Manager Alison Pokrzywinski

Nuseed Product Development Manager Alison Pokrzywinski

Alison Pokrzywinski
Nuseed Product Development Manager

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As a proud distributor of Nuseed sunflowers, Legend Seeds is pleased to not only bring superior products with proven performance, but also in-field agronomy support from both Nuseed and Legend throughout the growing season.  Below is an Agronomy Alert written and published by Alison Pokrzywinski, Nuseed Product Development Manager:

When everything looks great from a distance, don’t forget to get out of the pickup and check your sunflower fields for cutworms this time of year. Sunflowers can have irreversible damage in the seedling stage from several species of cutworms. Damage is caused by cutting off the seedling, sometimes below the cotyledon or before they even emerge out of the ground. As the plant matures, damage moves to the leaves and the plant is typically able to recover (V4-V6 stage).

Warm and dry weather has finally arrived and will hopefully continue. Some growers will just be getting started, but for others, their sunflowers have been sitting in the cold, wet ground for 14-21 days. We hear about growing degree days (GDD) a lot with corn, but not as much as sunflowers. How many GDD are actually needed from planting to emergence for sunflowers? Are there any concerns for growers that have had their sunflowers sitting in the soil un-emerged?


There are limited choices for post emergent herbicides in sunflowers, and the window is small. Understanding how to stage sunflo


Several species of cutworms can irreversibly affect sunflowers from slightly below the soil surface through the V4 stage by cutting off the tender plant below or right at the cotyledon.

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