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Did You Get Your Nitrogen Fix Today?

A commitment toward innovation and choice has always been at the forefront of the Legend Seeds product offerings to provide dealers and growers with access to leading-edge technologies and yield enhancement solutions to boost yield and maximize ROI. One product that was introduced in the spring of 2019 and will be offered again through Legend Seeds in 2020 is Envita™, produced by Azotic North America.

Envita logo

What is Envita™?

Simply stated, Envita™ is a nitrogen fixing bacteria that can live within a broad host of crops.  The bacteria that lives within soybeans, alfalfa, or peas and other legumes are crop specific and don’t effectively live within a non-host crop.  Envita has been shown to effectively live symbiotically within various crops such as corn, wheat, soybeans, and others.

Envita is a commercial product name for the bacteria Gluconacetobacter diazotrophicus (Gd) and was discovered naturally living in sugar cane, where they convert nitrogen from the air into a form the plant can use (fix nitrogen).  Over time Gd has been evaluated and developed for production agriculture systems.  A feature that distinguishes Envita is that it colonizes and lives in both the above ground and root portion of the plant.  It is not limited to the roots – like many legumes.  This is nice because the nitrogen that is fixed doesn’t have to be translocated from the roots to the rest of the plant and may be more efficient within the plant.

Envita comparison

NW Iowa, July
Left: 100% of N applied. 
Middle: 30lbs. less N and Envita. 
Right: 100% N and Envita

Envita Field Trial Observations

When monitoring and observing Envita this growing season, we compared corn treated with Envita to untreated corn and illustrated the various benefits across multiple locations: 

  • Increased early tillering with Envita use, which indicates improved growing conditions.
  • Plants treated with Envita showed improved rooting with more fine roots and a more robust root system as the plants mature.
  • It appeared that Envita use has led to better plant vigor with advanced growth stages throughout the life cycle in our trials.
  • Plant tissue tests also revealed more nitrogen present in the plant up through the mid-vegetative stage (July 11, 2019).
  • Ear development was improved on corn with larger ears and pod set on soybeans increased.
  • General plant health appeared to have benefited and less “firing” from nitrogen deficiency may occur.
NW Iowa, July
Left: treated with Envita in furrow.  Note the increased number of pods.


Envita corn cob comparison

Minot, ND,  Aug .21
Left: Envita treated


Overall, Envita offers a threefold advantage to corn and other cropping systems: 

  1. It can supplement crop nitrogen needs through consistent nitrogen fixation.  Growers can use the same rate of nitrogen and increase yields, or back the fertilizer off slightly and get a similar yield.  
  2. Envita can serve as an insurance policy for times when nitrogen is lost, inaccessible, or when conditions don’t allow side dressing with nitrogen.
  3. This is an environmentally sound method of adding nitrogen to a crop that reduces the risk of ground water runoff.

Want to learn more?  Download our In Field Highlights Flyer:

Envita Handout