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Frost Damaged Soybeans

“Are my soybeans dead?”  With the recent frost across the upper Midwest, this has been a very common question. These pictures taken on 6/1/21 in Elkader, IA are soybeans that were affected by frost on 5/29/21. At first glance the plants appear severely damaged and possibly dead, however plants #1-4 all survived the damage and plant #5 did not(see below). When assessing frost damage on soybeans it is important to check the nodes below the affected tissue for new growth which will typically start 1-2 days after frost event.

Frost Damaged Soybeans

Damaged soybean 1


Plant #1 still has two growing points alive at each node resulting in four remaining growing points and the top growing point was dead.

Damaged soybean 2


Plant #2 has just two growing points left at the cotyledon leaves, as the stem below the unifoliate leaves was damaged.

Damaged soybean 3


Plant #3 had damaged cotyledon leaves and looked rough, but a closer look reveals two growing points left and new growth coming from each.

Damaged soybean 4


Plant #4 looks dead, but even with almost all green tissue above the first node dead, there are two new leaves starting to grow where the damaged cotyledons were that fell off.


If you’ve experienced frost damage to your soybeans or have concerns of dead soybeans and would like to schedule a consultation with a Legend Sales Agronomist or would like to replant while there is still time, contact Legend Seeds today.