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Legend Seeds performance highlights from 2018 FIRST Seed Trials

Emphasis on Local Testing

Legend Seeds only sells seed and seed treatments. Our laser-focus brings you top quality products. We offer all the newest technology and genetics available in the seed industry today. We’re committed to local testing. Our in-house research program is called the Legend Elite Advancement Project (L.E.A.P.). Since 2014, we’ve conducted more than 78,000 replicated corn trials across our footprint. This precise and unique program allows us to select the best performing products and position them on the right acre in each of your fields.

In addition to our Legend Seeds internal research, we also participate in a variety of industry and university trials to test our products head-to-head against our competitors. Recently, the results from the 2018 FIRST Iowa Northwest (IANW) corn grain trials were released at www.firstseedtests.com.


According to their website, the FIRST mission states, “FIRST provides timely unbiased comparisons of innovative seed genetics to improve yield and profitability for American corn and soybean farmers. Farmer members assist in test site selection, conduct all production operations and provide all inputs except seed, it's planting and crop harvest. Companies willing to sponsor our research decide which products to test, where to test them, and provide seed. Only a select group of products are tested. In 2018, 996 corn products from 75 companies and 686 soybean products from 54 companies were tested.

Our unbiased hybrid and variety yield and agronomic results are reported for each individual test site and as a regional average over all sites in the region. On average, test results are reported on our website within 4 days of harvest.”

Results Highlights from the 2018 FIRST Trials

Our Research and Technical Agronomist for the state of Iowa, Mike Knight, combed through the data and pulled the highlights for the product performances in Iowa with Legend Seeds corn:

Plymouth County – Merrill, Iowa
Black Hawk County – Waterloo, Iowa
Palo Alto County – Emmetsburg, Iowa
Hancock County – Britt, Iowa
Mitchell County – Osage, IA