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Legend Seeds performs well in Michigan State University’s 2018 Corn Performance Trials

Emphasis on Local Testing

Legend Seeds only sells seed and seed treatments. Our laser-focus brings you top quality products. We offer all the newest technology and genetics available in the seed industry today. We’re committed to local testing. Our in-house research program is called the Legend Elite Advancement Project (L.E.A.P.). Since 2014, we’ve conducted more than 78,000 replicated corn trials across our footprint. This precise and unique program allows us to select the best performing products and position them on the right acre in each of your fields.

In addition to our Legend Seeds internal research, we also participate in a variety of industry and university trials to test our products head-to-head against our competitors. Recently, the results from Michigan State University’s 2018 Corn Performance Trials were released at https://varietytrials.msu.edu

What are Corn Performance Trials?

According to their website, Michigan State University (MSU) first established the variety trials project in 1988. Each year, the MSU Department of Plant, Soil, and Microbial Sciences conducts Michigan Corn Performance Trials in cooperation with Michigan State University AgBio Research, The Ohio State University, seed corn companies, and farms to determine yield and quality performance.

In 2018, twelve grain and nine silage locations were planted. A total of 325 hybrids from 32 brand names made up the 514 entries from the year. This resulted in 6,168 separate county plots included in the trials.

Results Highlights from the 2018 Michigan Corn Performance Trials

Legend LR 9999 VT2PRIB dominated the MSU Zone 2 early grain trial, averaging 247 bushels per acre. This was over 13 bushels/acre ahead of the nearest competitor and 28 bushels/acre above the trial average. “That is a big margin of victory,” said Terry Schulz, Legend Account Manager for West Michigan. “There are a lot of seed companies entering their best products in that trial; you very rarely see a hybrid win like Legend 9999 did this year. Legend 9895 also had a very good year in the Zone 3 early grain trial and in other Mid-Michigan grower test plots. Legend’s product team has done a great job the past couple years introducing corn hybrids that have performed extremely well in the Great Lakes region.”

For more information and details regarding the trial’s highlights, visit: https://varietytrials.msu.edu/wp-content/uploads/2018/12/2018_corn_bulletin_E-431.pdf


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