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Legend Seeds is proud to announce our transition from a family-owned independent regional seed leader into an employee-owned independent regional seed leader. What exactly does this mean?


Sclerotinia stem rot, more commonly known as white mold, is a common and destructive disease. It is sometimes seen across the U.S. and Canada; however, it is more common in southeast Minnesota, northeast Iowa, and northwest Illinois. It is also prevalent in the Dakotas as well, as it affects many other crops that are grown in the region; such as canola and sunflower.


Alfalfa and mixed hay can sometimes take a back seat in many farming operations. We get the most pressing issues done first and “make hay when the sun shines”. After being out in a few hay fields that had alfalfa at full bloom, I noticed quite a few blister beetles on the blossoms.




It seems like Mother Nature has been very generous with rainfall in certain areas of the Midwest. With the significant amount of rain accumulating, we are seeing flooding and ponding in some soybean fields.


Anthracnose is a fungal pathogen that affects standability, plant health, and overall yield in corn fields. Symptoms can be seen on leaves and the stalk, both above and below the ear. The anthracnose pathogen can infect the plant through the roots and stalks.

Legend Seeds proudly announces the promotion of Tim Bratland to president, effective August 1, 2018. Bratland’s appointment is part of an executive transition that includes prior president, Glen Davis, moving into the role of CEO.


As part of our ongoing commitment toward providing the top genetics and trait technologies in the industry, the 2019 product lineup from Legend Seeds will feature nine LibertyLink GT27 soybean varieties in a range of maturities from 1.1 – 3.1 RM.


Everyone knows that a weedy corn field decreases the yield potential of that field, but what’s important to understand is how early this yield loss can occur. Yield is determined very early in corn, usually around the V5 growth stage. Between V5 and V6, the row number and kernel number per row are being determined. Kernel number or ear length is strongly affected by environmental stresses.

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