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University of Illinois Corn Omission Plots: Envita™ Yield Data Results

You’ve heard us raving over Envita™ for a while now.  Primarily applied in-furrow; though seed treatments and foliar applications have been successful.  Envita can colonize and live within the plant tissue of many plant species to help the plant fix and utilize nitrogen.  It is not limited to the roots or rhizosphere like many nitrogen fixing bacteria.  This is beneficial because Envita has a unique mode of action that allows the plant to better move nitrogen throughout the entire plant at a cellular level and therefore the nitrogen is much more efficient and plant available.

Legend Seeds is excited about the value this revolutionary biological offers in boosting yield and maximizing ROI.  To substantiate this claim, Envita™ has been tested by some well-known third-party research groups.  One such experiment was the Corn Omission Trials at the University of Illinois, conducted by Dr. Fred Below and Connor Sible, in 2019.  Envita was evaluated to measure the response with standard management and nitrogen fertilization practices vs. amplified management practices (they called it High Tech).

Results revealed the following:

  • Envita added 11 bu/acre to the standard corn production practices
  • Envita removed from the high tech practice resulted in 8 bu/acre less yield

Envita Yield Data Results - charts only-1

What did we learn from this?

  • Envita offers the potential to increase corn yield under low or high management
  • The efficacy and performance of Envita has been validated by independent third-party university research trials.
  • Envita had no negative effect on corn yield.

To learn more, download this Envita Yield Results summary from the University of Illinois:

View Envita Yield Results Summary

As our mission states, we are committed toward delivering high-yielding, consistent producing, top quality products that will provide our customers with more profit potential that they can get anywhere else, and Envita fits that bill. Legend Seeds is proud to offer industry-leading technologies and to be part of these exciting advances in agriculture.

If you’re interested in trying Envita on your acres this spring, there is still time! Contact your Legend Seeds dealer or representative and we can get Envita on to your operation before planting! As our research evolves, and planting gets underway, we will continue to share out the exciting observations and results.