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One of the services that Legend Seeds offers our customers through our Farmacology program is access to soil sampling services through Frontier Labs. Fertilizer is one of the highest input costs in an operation. Soil sampling is vital to ensure the RIGHT nutrients are applied at the RIGHT rate, at the RIGHT time, and in the RIGHT place of the field.


Not only did last week bring lots of rain, but with the rain came lots of wind. This wind has confirmed what we have been fearing for weeks now, that our corn plants have been riddled with diseases causing them to have weak stalks.

Legend Seeds & Cornelius Seeds Acquire Munson Hybrids Retail Business Across Northern Wisconsin

Legend Seeds is pleased to announce the acquisition of Munson Hybrids’ northern Wisconsin retail business, absorbing Munson’s product portfolio to provide a wider variety of choices to customers across the upper Midwest.


Silage harvest will soon be upon us and the decisions made at chopping will affect silage quality. Determining when to harvest silage (at the right whole-plant moisture) can be difficult.


How do you know when your silage is ready to chop? Determining silage moisture can be a challenge. Dry matter content of the whole plant can vary with maturity; therefore, it is important to know when the field is ready for harvest.

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